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Monday, March 12, 2012

Upcoming Presentations

March 21 at the Troy Museum & Historic Village at 7:30

Troy Historical Society Evening Lectures: Wednesdays at 7:30pm

Our region is home to cultures from around the globe. In this series, we will explore ethnic groups, hearing their stories and how they found a place in Michigan.
  • January 18: Arab-American
  • February 15: African-American
  • March 21: Indian-American, Padma Kuppa, Outreach Chair Bharatiya Temple & Executive Council, Hindu American Foundation
  • April 18: Japanese-American, Mary Kamidoi, Japanese American Citizens League
  • May 16: Romanian-American, Marius Sidau, Cultural Anthropologist

April 11 at Macomb Community College at 9:30.
Library Fair: A Vision of India
Religions of India
Speaker:  Padma Kuppa, Executive Council member of the Hindu American Foundation
Padma Kuppa will be speaking on the various religions of India. She is an Executive Council member of Hindu American Foundation, an advocacy organization for over two million Hindus in the US, focusing on interreligious cooperation. She has also served on the Advisory Council of Hindu American Seva Charities, a national service organization for Hindu Americans.
Sponsored by the Macomb Multicultural International Initiatives (MMII).

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