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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Balanced Views of Religion and Spirituality at Patheos

The website Patheos, with a subtext of "Seek, Understand," had a Theoblogger challenge: "Who (or What) is God? in 100 Words or Less." First they asked Christians... Then, I was requested to respond from a Hindu perspective (as part of a multifaith panel).

My reply is now live at Patheos here (scroll down a bit):

All the posts are here:
Since the beginning of human history, we have struggled to articulate our understanding of the Divine. How does one describe the indescribable? We decided to ask a dozen bloggers across faith traditions to answer that very question: Who (or What) is God? And to make it even more interesting, we challenged them to do it in 100 words or less. What follows are their evocative responses.

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