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Monday, May 9, 2011

A Car Lover's Guide on How to Bless a Car, Hindu American Style....

Gotta love it!
...Getting to drive a Cadillac CTS-V wagon for 40,000 miles is a blessing in itself, but with 556 horsepower on tap, we figured it couldn’t hurt to have our newest long-termer blessed by a Hindu priest. So we took it in for a pooja, which is a Hindu ceremony popular with car buyers in India. Poojas are often performed on everyday machines, tools, or objects. The ritual may seem odd to some Westerners, but the Hindu faith says that everything is connected to God, even material goods such as cars. Hindus bless a vehicle to ask deities to purify and safeguard the machine, to express appreciation, and to request that the car operate in a fruitful manner. Here’s how it’s done:


Sampige said...

Oh I took a ShriLakshmi vigraha and kumkum to my Honda store in Rochester and did a small pooja before we picked up the CRV many many years ago. And then we drove it to Buffalo to get the pooja done by the priest :).


Hector Diego said...

I just read your article in which you said that the word "idol" should not be used to describe the arca-vigraha. I completely agree with you. But once, when I was the Vice President of the Vedic Friends Association (I resigned because they were a bit reactionary for my taste) I tried to get the members to understand how negative the word "idol" really is. They would not agree and I eventually gave up on it. If Hindus will not stop using the term, then what can we expect from others?

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