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Monday, September 28, 2009

Back after summer vacation...

Why I took the summer off will be in another post. But I am BACK! Why? Because I like to nudge people with words. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword...

When I returned to MI from a brief trip to Baltimore on Sept.13, I discovered that my hometown's looming budget crisis was something I could share with others. (Yes, join my nightmare). I sent hundreds of emails to friends with the City Manager's proposed 6-year budget, and a few were to religious leaders from the Troy Interfaith Group. Here is perfect example of how words can get us out of our comfort zone, and get us to take a stand for social responsibility The link below will take you to words that will - hopefully - get you to think and find ways to work towards a "safe and healthy community."


The sun shone on the Troy Interfaith Group's Potluck Peace Picnic yesterday, where we celebrated the International Day of Peace with discussion and diverse cuisine at the Community Interfaith Labyrinth on the grounds of Northminster Presbyterian Church. We generated new ideas - like "let's create a cookbook," even giving it a title (A Recipe and A Prayer), and generated enthusiasm for existing ones - like ongoing dinner discussion groups that can continue the peace- and community-building conversations which were started yesterday.

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